Must Have Makeup Brushes & Why you Need them!

Happy Monday y’all! Over the weekend, I was thinking hmmm, how can I make the content I produce more purposeful? What can my subscribers take away from my videos? I have given over 200 tutorials, and sometimes they can get a little repetitive. So what I have decided to do is create tutorials with a focus. So here goes!!!!!!!

Today’s focus is on essential makeup brushes for your kit, how to use them and why. In the video, I showcase all of the brushes I use for every makeup look and share the links as to where I got them from. Some of the brushes are costly, while others are pretty affordable, but I promise you they are worth every penny.

I also used the One Size beauty palette, so if you want you could go out and purchase to follow the tutorial step by step and learn with me. I have so many video ideas coming for you guys and I really hopes this helps you upgrade you already beautiful canvas.

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Brushes Mentioned & Affordable Alternative Links:

MAC Cosmetics 224 Synthetic Tapered Blending Brush

MAC Cosmetics 217 Synthetic Blending Brush

NYX Cosmetics Pro Blending Brush

Mac Cosmetics 247 Shader Brush (try each link)

Elf Concealer Brush (247 alternative)

BH Cosmetics Shader Brush (This link is to the BH Set that I originally purchased. See the link for each brush and its description)

Morphe M431 Precision Pencil Crease Brush (BH Cosmetics Shader Brush Alternative)

Elf Flawless Face Brush

Real Techniques Miracle Completion Sponge

Morphe M536 Under Eye Bullet Dome Brush

Morphe M530 Contour Blender Brush

Real Techniques 201 POWDER BRUSH

BH Cosmetics Blush Brush (This link is to the BH Set that I originally purchased. See the link for each brush and its description)

Real Techniques Blush Brush (BH Cosmetics Blush brush Alternative)

Inglot 31 T Liner Brush

Morphe M165 Angled Liner/Brow Brush (Inglot 31T Brush affordable Alternative)

Morphe M310 Large Soft Fan Brush

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