A Very Motivational Makeup Tutorial (You Can Do This!)

Sometimes makeup can be so intimidating. We tend to shy away from color and shoot our own selves down before we even take a shot at it. And when we are brave enough, we rather pay someone to put it on for us! Well that fear stops here! We are not afraid!

Makeup can be bright and bold, but it’s truly up to you. Once you make the choice to try, trusting the process simply becomes the end result of a well fought journey. Yes this is another makeup tutorial but this video represents the steps we follow to reach a goal, the setbacks we encounter, and the ability to trust the process.

Right before the end of this video, I almost lost it. My camera died, the microphone went out, but through it all, I was able to still piece together a very detailed makeup look for you guys! I recently just got a new computer so I should now be able to upload faster! Excited!!!

Thank God for iPhone audio, or this video would not be as detailed as it is. I absolutely love creating tutorials and teaching makeup artistry techniques and I’m hopeful that you can take something from this and apply it to your life’s artistry.

For today’s look, the focus is the eyes! I used the Jaclyn Hill palette (which is still available at Ulta) and a blue glitter pigment from e.l.f. Watch me use the pigment in the video down below, and who knows! Maybe you’ll want to try it too.

Hope you enjoy! I appreciate alllll of the love and support💜💕

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